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Memoria Rubata

An intimate glimpse into a mysterious family’s past vacations.


Lorenzo Bertagna’s experimental film weaves a captivating narrative using historical home video footage discovered from a second-hand camera, offering a unique glimpse into a mysterious family’s intimate moments during vacations. The unconventional approach, compiling clips into a 6-minute montage, presents a fascinating exploration of the past, engaging viewers in the unknown family’s experiences.

The film, primarily in Italian, is thoughtfully made accessible to a wider audience with English subtitles. The footage captures various joyful scenes, from skiing trips and beach resorts to zoo visits and Christmas celebrations. Bertagna’s title choice – which translates as “Stolen Memory” – proves apt as the film delves into the nostalgic realm of someone else’s personal history.

The raw and grainy quality of the footage, dating back over 16 years, enhances the film’s authenticity and nostalgic charm. The experimental nature of the film turns a seemingly random assortment of home videos into a compelling narrative, creating a sense of connection with the past and an appreciation for the shared human experience across generations.

Memoria Rubata Short Film


Runtime: 6 min
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