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Bradley Hawkins

Bradley Hawkins

Bradley Hawkins, a distinguished writer and director, has proven himself as a master storyteller in the realm of drama. With a keen eye for emotion and a knack for crafting profoundly moving narratives, Hawkins has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the film industry.

One of Hawkins’ standout works is the coming-of-age short film ‘Calf Rope‘, a poignant exploration of the touching relationship between a grandfather and his grandson. This film not only highlights Hawkins’ ability to capture the nuances of human connections but also showcases his talent for uplifting and moving storytelling. The shared passions of the characters are delicately woven into the narrative, creating an experience that resonates with audiences on a deep and personal level.

However, it is ‘Night Voices‘ that truly solidifies Hawkins’ reputation as a filmmaker who can delve into the darkest corners of the human experience. This powerful piece revolves around a character on the brink of ending his own life, and Hawkins manages to elicit empathy and understanding from the audience. The film takes the viewer on an emotional rollercoaster, a testament to Hawkins’ skill in creating captivating characters that audiences genuinely root for. ‘Night Voices’ stands as a testament to Hawkins’ ability to tackle challenging and sensitive topics with grace and authenticity.

Hawkins’ craftsmanship as a filmmaker is evident in every frame of his work. In the drama genre, Hawkins emerges as a powerhouse, leaving an indelible mark with his emotionally charged and thought-provoking films. His ability to seamlessly blend technical prowess with compelling storytelling sets him apart, making him a director to watch in the world of cinema. As Hawkins continues to evolve and contribute to the cinematic landscape, audiences can undoubtedly anticipate more unforgettable and impactful stories from this gifted filmmaker.


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