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Night Voices

A heartrending thriller that explores a man’s crippling psyche.


Bradley Hawkins‘ short thriller ‘Night Voices’ is a powerful and emotional journey that pulls the viewer into the deep psychological torment of its protagonist, Jude Wilcox. Gorman Ruggiero delivers an outstanding performance as Jude, a deeply troubled and aging pessimist with no hope left in his soul. As he runs his local radio station’s graveyard shift, he receives a series of phone calls from hostile listeners, leading him to contemplate ending his own life.

But then, Jack Packer appears as Hunter, Jude’s adolescent nephew, and their conversation takes an unexpected turn. This poignant tale explores themes of mental health and religion, and it’s delivered with tremendous skill and nuance by the writer and actors alike.

The acting in ‘Night Voices’ is superb, particularly Packer’s portrayal of Hunter, whose outlook on life contrasts sharply with Jude’s darkness. But it’s Ruggiero’s magnetic delivery that drives the film’s emotional core, drawing the viewer into his character’s turmoil and struggles.

In addition to the outstanding acting, the film boasts stellar production values, thanks to the skilled cinematography and beautiful compositions. The result is an unmissable cinematic experience with an important message and an unforgettable story. ‘Night Voices’ is a must-watch for anyone interested in meaningful storytelling and exceptional cinematic craftsmanship.

Night Voices


Runtime: 24 min
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