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Rosario Amico

Rosario Amico

Rosario Amico, an emerging actor and filmmaker, captured hearts and attention with his poignant one-man short film, ‘Legacy of Love‘. Amico demonstrated a remarkable ability to weave emotive narratives with simplicity and depth.

In the 2023 Short of the Year contest, ‘Legacy of Love’ earned a place in the final, for its touching portrayal of a young father, a Navy Seal, who communicates with his yet-to-be-born child through video messages. The film’s power lies not only in its emotional core but also in Amico’s multifaceted performance as sole cast and crew. Through heartfelt yet nuanced dialogue, he brings to life the complexities of a man at war, grappling with duty, sacrifice, and the anticipation of fatherhood.

Despite its low-budget style, the film grabs your attention with its sincerity and authenticity, showcasing Amico’s innate talent for storytelling. His directorial and narrative choice prioritized substance over style, allowing the raw emotion of the story to take center stage. It’s a testament to his skill as a filmmaker that he can elicit such powerful reactions from viewers with minimal resources.

Amico’s passion for storytelling is evident, and his future projects hold promise for further exploration. As he continues to hone his craft, audiences can anticipate more compelling narratives and memorable performances. He has firmly established himself as a short filmmaker to watch, destined for greater heights.


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