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Vicious Cycle 2: The Beginning

A tale of revenge and unyielding determination in the neon-lit underbelly of Las Vegas.


Millie X and D. Wade’s short thriller, serving as the origin story to ‘Vicious Cycle‘ plunges viewers into the gritty underworld of a Las Vegas strip joint, where scheming night club stripper Charm, compellingly portrayed by April Lynn, takes center stage alongside Grafettee as the sassy club waitress Lexi. In this tale of revenge and redemption, the film weaves a narrative dripping with sexuality, female empowerment, and criminality, creating a gripping prequel that delves into the depths of Charm’s character.

The story unfolds with themes of betrayal and resilience, offering a nuanced exploration of Charm’s desperation and unwavering determination to rise above her circumstances. The film provides a stark look at the limitations imposed by the men in her life, pushing her into despair and hardship. Cinematography, lighting, and production design contribute to the film’s immersive atmosphere, establishing a sense of realism and authenticity that enhances the viewing experience.

April Lynn’s performance as Charm, coupled with D. Wade’s portrayal of Taz, is commendable, injecting the narrative with the necessary intensity and depth. This adult-themed thriller, while not for everyone, captivates with its thrilling storyline, rich character development, and the sassy edge that defines the world of ‘Vicious Cycle‘.

Vicious Cycle 2 The Beginning


Runtime: 24 min
Genre: ,

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