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Shoval Tshuva

Shoval Tshuva

Shoval Tshuva is a writer, director, and actor who showcases a strong gift in storytelling with an ability to inject humour into dark areas of the female experience.

Her recent short film ‘Funky‘, which she wrote, directed and starred, explores themes of healing, female empowerment, and sexual self-discovery. Due to the film’s heavy topic of sexual abuse, she isn’t afraid to tackle bold and thought-provoking subject matters.

In ‘Funky’, she weaves moments of comical levity into the narrative, providing a refreshing and engaging viewing experience. With a keen eye for high-quality productions, evident in the seamless execution of the film’s cinematography, editing, and sound design, Tshuva commands a team of professionals with ease, resulting in a polished and professional end product.

Tshuva’s acting embodies subtlety, delicacy and ulnerability. With an nuanced performances from ‘Funky’, she effortlessly conveys complex emotions, captivating audiences with her authentic portrayal of characters. Whether in moments of quiet introspection or intense emotional turmoil, her understated approach creates a deep and lasting connection with viewers.

Tshuva reaffirms her status as a talent to watch in the industry, poised to make a lasting impact with her unique voice and vision.


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