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Sarab Sahni

Sarab Sahni

Sarab Sahni, the brilliant mind behind the captivating short film ‘My Miracle Boy‘ that delves into the intricate realms of motherhood and grief, demonstrates a profound understanding of these themes with a darkly compelling underbelly. With an unparalleled knack for casting, Sahni masterfully selects talent capable of delivering extraordinary performances, breathing life into her characters.

Her technical skill shines through in every frame, seamlessly weaving together high-quality productions that captivate the senses and ignite the imagination. But it is Sahni’s intimate and touching writing that truly sets her apart, as she crafts a narrative that resonates deeply with audiences, exploring themes of love, loss, and protection in a profoundly relatable way.

Through her exploration of emotional complexity and raw vulnerability within her characters, Sahni invites viewers on a deeply personal journey, where the lines between fear and love blur, leaving a lasting impact. With each project, Sahni demonstrates a fearless willingness to tackle bold and thought-provoking narratives, fearlessly diving into the depths of the human psyche to unearth profound truths about the human condition.

As a promising force in filmmaking, Sahni’s boundless creativity, emotional depth, and unwavering dedication to her craft foreshadow a future filled with cinematic brilliance and artistic innovation, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating her next project.


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