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Nick Cavalier

Nick Cavalier

Nick Cavalier is a filmmaker whose cinematic excellence and high-quality craftsmanship set him apart. Cavalier captures stories with an ease and sensitivity that resonate deeply with audiences.

In his documentary, ‘Kasama‘, Cavalier delves into the heartfelt journey of a Filipino bakery and restaurant, bringing to life the story of its husband-and-wife chefs amidst the turbulence of the COVID-19 pandemic. The film is a visual and emotional feast, showcasing Cavalier’s unique ability to intertwine several themes. His collaboration with a talented cinematographer elevates the film, resulting in stunning visuals that are both captivating and mouth-watering.

Cavalier’s adept direction ensures that each frame of ‘Kasama’ is infused with warmth and authenticity, making the narrative both inspiring and endearing. His dedication to his craft is evident in the intimate portrayal of his subjects’ resilience and passion. Cavalier’s film will no doubt inspire and uplift.

Cavalier’s work is characterized by a profound respect for his subjects and a deep understanding of their stories. His ability to balance the personal and professional aspects of their lives with such grace is a testament to his empathetic approach and storytelling knowledge. As a filmmaker, Cavalier continues to set new standards in documentary filmmaking, crafting stories that not only inform but also inspire.


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