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Marlana Ball

Marlana Ball

In the competitive arena of independent short films, Marlana Ball steps into the fray with her creation, ‘Evil Within’. Serving as the driving creative force behind the project, Ball assumes the roles of writer, director, and cinematographer, showcasing a versatile talent that deserves attention.

Evil Within‘ unfurls with it’s minimalistic approach, with Ball’s son, Riley Ball, commanding the screen as the protagonist in this chilling tale. Guided by Ball’s well-mastered cinematography and a silent film aesthetic, viewers are drawn into an atmosphere where every shadow conceals a mystery.

What distinguishes Ball’s work is her daring approach to storytelling. By forsaking conventional dialogue in favor of subtle sound design and evocative visuals, she crafts an experience that lingers with suspense. While minor narrative bumps may arise, Ball’s technical ability and directorial acumen remain steadfast, leaving an indelible mark on her audience.

As family-oriented productions often struggle for recognition, Ball’s short commands attention. Seamlessly blending atmospheric storytelling with cinematic framing, Ball’s short heralds the arrival of a filmmaker with a promising trajectory.

Keep a keen eye on Marlana as she continues to push the boundaries of low-budget filmmaking, crafting narratives that enthral and stir, leaving audiences hungry for more.


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