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Discovering hidden truths through the depths of addiction, despair, and sexuality.


In Manuel R. Mota’s gay short film, Richard Hilliar delivers a complex portrayal of Aaron, a man spiraling through life, seeking happiness in all the wrong places. As a sex addict, Aaron’s relentless pursuit of fleeting satisfaction with women leaves him hollow and despairing. Hilliar’s performance is raw and compelling, capturing the essence of a man lost in his own compulsions.

Enter Robert, played by Caleb Alloway, Aaron’s neighbor who inadvertently becomes a catalyst for Aaron’s profound transformation. Robert’s quiet strength and unspoken understanding gently nudge Aaron towards a path he has yet to explore – homosexuality. The dynamic between Aaron and Robert is both delicate and intense, a testament to Mota’s skillful direction and Alloway’s understated yet powerful presence.

The narrative unfolds with an intimate, almost voyeuristic lens, thanks to the commendable technical work of cinematographer Josefine Sundberg. Her ability to capture the subtle shifts in Aaron’s emotional landscape through thoughtful framing and lighting enriches the storytelling, adding layers of depth to the film’s exploration of addiction, despair, and self-discovery.

Mota’s film is a bold examination of a man’s internal struggle and reluctant curiosity as he confronts his true homosexual desires. It’s a journey of reluctant surrender to one’s true self, portrayed with authenticity and sensitivity. The film’s intimate narrative, respectable acting, and commendable technicality make it a standout piece in queer cinema. Aaron’s reluctant yet inevitable embrace of his closeted homosexuality offers a moving commentary on the complex nature of identity and addiction, leaving a lasting impression on its audience.

Authentic Gay Short Film


Runtime: 13 min
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