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A raw portrayal of the struggles faced by a closeted gay footballer.


Step onto the pitch of Rhys Chapman’s ‘Wonderkid’, and you’re in for a match of emotions as gripping as the game itself. In this stirring short film, Bradley, portrayed with raw authenticity by Chris Mason, carries the weight of two worlds on his shoulders: the exhilarating rush of professional football and the silent struggle of his concealed sexuality.

With every frame, Chapman exposes the stark reality of homophobia entrenched in the football culture, a reality Bradley navigates with a poignant mix of anxiety and longing. Leeshon Alexander shines as Bradley’s conflicted agent, a character torn between safeguarding his client’s career and embracing his truth. Their dynamic is a riveting dance of protection and vulnerability, beautifully captured by Chapman’s masterful script.

Set against this backdrop of the iconic London skyline, ‘Wonderkid’ delves into the theme of being closeted in a world where machismo and banter reign supreme. The British culture of football, with its camaraderie and rowdy fan base, becomes both a sanctuary and a minefield for Bradley as he grapples with the fear of being exposed. The film unflinchingly portrays the risk he faces – not just to his career but to his very sense of self – in a society where authenticity is often met with hostility.

In the face of such adversity, ‘Wonderkid’ shines a light on the resilience of gay men in football. It’s a reminder that, despite the harsh realities of prejudice and discrimination, there is strength in embracing one’s truth. Through Bradley’s journey, the film becomes a beacon of hope for those who may still be navigating the treacherous waters of self-discovery.

Wonderkid Gay Short Film


Runtime: 31 min
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