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Atoms (Atomes)

Forbidden desires collide in a tense and poignant gay-themed tale.


In Arnaud Dufeys’ captivating short film ‘Atomes’, the delicate balance of power and desire dances on the edge of a precipice, drawing viewers into a world where boundaries blur and secrets simmer beneath the surface. Set against the backdrop of a Belgian boarding school, the film plunges headfirst into the tangled web of a forbidden relationship between a teacher and his student.

Vincent Lecuyer’s portrayal of Hugo, the conflicted educator, is a masterclass in nuanced performance, embodying the complexities of a man grappling with his own desires and the weight of societal expectations. Benoît Cosaert shines as Jules, the troubled student whose allure is matched only by his vulnerability.

The allure of ‘Atomes’ lies not only in its exploration of forbidden attraction but also in its examination of the intricacies of human connection. As Hugo and Jules navigate the treacherous waters of their relationship, fueled by equal parts passion and danger, the film delves deep into the murky depths of the human psyche, exposing the fragility of identity and the allure of the forbidden.

Dufeys’ direction is assured, guiding the audience through a labyrinth of emotion with precision and grace. Lucien Keller’s cinematography lends a cinematic quality to the proceedings, capturing the intimacy and intensity of the characters’ interactions with breathtaking clarity. ‘Atomes’ is a solid piece of queer cinema. Dark, passionate, and exquisitely crafted.

Atomes Gay Short Film


Runtime: 18 min
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