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After Party

Raw, intimate, and unapologetically honest. A real life break-up unfolds with passion.


In the raw and achingly honest documentary ‘After Party’, Viktor Zahtila bravely peels back the layers of his relationship with Goran Koletic, baring his soul and the complexities of love in its twilight. With cinematographic skill by Karla Juric, the film is a canvas of raw emotion, capturing the intimacy and turmoil of two souls drifting apart.

From tender embraces to heated moments of passion, Zahtila fearlessly invites viewers into the most intimate corners of his heartache, blurring the lines between filmmaker and subject. The result is a mesmerizing journey through the ebbs and flows of a love that once burned brightly, now flickering in the shadows of its demise.

‘After Party’ showcases the power of connection, even as it frays at the edges. With unflinching authenticity, Zahtila confronts the bittersweet reality of love lost, yet the embers of desire still smoldering. This gay short film is Zahtila’s cinematic diary etched with the rawness of truth. It’s a poignant reminder that love, in all its forms, is as messy as it is beautiful, and Zahtila lays bare his heart for all to witness

For mature audiences willing to embrace the full spectrum of human emotion and eroticism. Prepare to be moved and provoked by this unforgettable exploration of love’s aftermath.

After Party Gay Short Film


Runtime: 22 min

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