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An exploration of faith and redemption with a science fiction twist.


‘RAMGOG!’, written and directed by James Ristas, is an experimental short, filmed entirely in stark black and white. The film stars Kris Salvi and Emma Geller as the last man and woman on Earth.The minimalistic setting – almost no production design – makes the intense performances and rich dialogue shine, creating an experience akin to a stage play without an audience.

The plot centers on two desolate characters, grappling with their faith and feeling abandoned by God. Their heated discussions about divine will and human suffering take a sharp turn with the arrival of Ramgog, who claims to bring answers. Ramgog’s revelations unfold in a dialogue that is both poetic and philosophical, rich with spiritual and religious undertones.

Ristas’ direction is bold and authentic, crafting a captivating spectacle that delves deep into themes of sin, redemption, and the quest for divine truth. The heavy dialogue, while occasionally overlong, remains engaging due to its depth and the performances of the cast. The science fiction twist adds an intriguing layer to the narrative, culminating in a messianic promise that hints at hope and renewal.

‘RAMGOG!’ is a poetic, spiritual journey, a philosophical exploration presented in a uniquely minimalist style. Despite its experimental nature, or perhaps because of it, the film keeps you hooked, challenging the audience to ponder the profound questions it raises. A worthwhile watch.



Runtime: 19 min

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