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A fusion of drama and mind-bending sci-fi, taking audiences on a time-traveling journey of self-discovery.


Jasper Capalad’s ‘Asynchronous’ thrusts its audience into a tumultuous journey through the tangled web of time and consequence. At its core, it’s a gripping exploration of the self-destructive tendencies that lurk within us all, wrapped in the cloak of a compelling sci-fi narrative.

The film centers on Michael, portrayed Capalad himself, whose life spirals into chaos following a rejected marriage proposal that culminates in a violent outburst towards his girlfriend (Makaila Gonzales). Yet, as if fated to confront his own demons, Michael is propelled through alternate timelines via his enigmatic wristwatch. Each iteration of his existence unveils a starkly divergent fate, from the haunting specter of his lover’s death to the tender embrace of familial bliss.

Capalad’s talent shines through not only in his riveting performance but also in his adept writing and direction. He weaves a tale of tension and introspection, guiding the audience through the labyrinth of Michael’s psyche. The high-quality cinematography, sound, and editing ensure an immersive experience throughout.

For those who aren’t fond of sci-fi, ‘Asynchronous’ transcends the genre, resonating on a profound human level as it grapples with themes of redemption and the relentless pursuit of self-awareness. It’s a reflection of Capalad’s creative ingenuity and storytelling skill that the film stays rooted in its dramatic essence, even as it navigates its mind-bending time-travel intricacies.

Asynchronous Short Sci Fi Film


Runtime: 22 min
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