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No Strings

A mismatched sexual encounter with tension, awkwardness, and hope.


Prepare to be entangled in the raw, unapologetic beauty of ‘No Strings,’ a gay short film that courageously dives into the depths of human connection and the complexities of a hook-up. Written and directed by Eoin Maher, this drama unveils the collision of two worlds as Sean, an Irishman portrayed by Aaron Cini, crosses paths with the enigmatic Welshman Bryn (Richard Hay).

Maher’s narrative skill crafts a magnetic force, drawing us into the intimate confines of Bryn’s bedsit, a microcosm where passion, awkwardness and vulnerability intertwine. The electric chemistry between Cini and Hay crackles with intensity, igniting a tumultuous journey that is both achingly tender and fiercely confrontational.

Yiannis Manolopoulos’ cinematography deserves a standing ovation, painting each frame with a seductive allure that mirrors the tumultuous dance of emotions between our protagonists. His mastery of light and shadow transforms the mundane into the sublime, enveloping viewers in a sensory feast.

As Sean and Bryn navigate the treacherous terrain of no-strings-attached intimacy, their journey becomes a mirror reflecting the universal struggle to reconcile the yearning for connection with the fear of emotional exposure. Through its raw, unfiltered portrayal of hooking up – in all its messy glory, ‘No Strings’ invites audiences to confront the intricacies of modern romance.

No Strings Gay Short Film


Runtime: 23 min
Genre: ,

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