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If Only You Were Mine

A coming-of-age tale that captures the complexity of first love.


In David Benedek’s ‘If Only You Were Mine’, the tender portrayal of Dominik’s journey into first love, insecurity, and the complexities of relationships is both touching and relatable. Dominik, played with vulnerability by Jakub Jablonský, finds himself entangled in a romance with Adam (Peter Martincek), whose outgoing nature contrasts sharply with Dominik’s introverted demeanor.

Set in Slovakia, the film beautifully captures the push and pull of Dominik’s emotions as he grapples with his insecurities and battles his inner demon – bulimia. Claudia Pittner Konecna’s portrayal of Laura, Dominik’s close friend, adds depth to the narrative, offering a source of support amidst his struggles.

Benedek’s incorporation of Dominik’s academic pursuits as a physics student adds a layer of metaphorical depth to the storyline, enriching the portrayal of his relationship with Adam.

The cinematography is visually stunning, with each frame thoughtfully composed, and the pacing allows the story to unfold naturally. The performances are authentic, drawing viewers into the characters’ emotional journey.

‘If Only You Were Mine’ is a heartfelt exploration of love, insecurity, and the challenges of navigating relationships. It’s a film that resonates with authenticity and is sure to strike a chord with audiences.

If Only You Were Mine Gay Short Film


Runtime: 23 min
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