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A provocative dive into fleeting intimacy and an unexpected connection.


Paulo Roberto’s short drama is a provocative exploration of desire and unexpected connections. Starring Rafa Guedes and Aelson Felinto, the narrative takes us from a lively party to a serene lakeside setting, capturing the impulsive and passionate nature of its protagonists. The film’s limited dialogue forces the audience to focus on the intense physicality and raw emotions portrayed on screen, an approach that both intrigues and unsettles.

Guedes and Felinto deliver respectable performances, embodying the carefree yet intense spirit of youth. Their chemistry is palpable, and the film does not shy away from explicit male frontal nudity and graphic gay sex, challenging conventional cinematic boundaries. This boldness, while commendable, might be confronting for some viewers, but it serves as an authentic portrayal of their fleeting yet profound connection.

Maria Aparecida’s role, though seemingly peripheral, acts as a catalyst for the boys’ deeper exploration of each other. Her carefree presence contrasts sharply with the film’s sombre conclusion, where a casual mention of familial connections brings an unexpected depth to the narrative.

However, the film’s color grading leaves much to be desired. The pervasive darkness and dull tones detract from the natural beauty of the setting and the emotional vibrancy of the story. A lighter palette could have enhanced the visual storytelling, making the picturesque lake scenes more impactful.

Despite its flaws, Roberto’s film is an effective portrayal of youthful impulsivity and the complexities of human connections. It’s a bold piece of cinema that lingers in the mind, a testament to the power of raw, unfiltered storytelling.

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Runtime: 18 min
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