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A heart-warming tale of young love and identity.


Written and directed by Leandro Goddinho and Paulo Menezes, this short coming-of-age drama is a cinematic hit. The film dives headfirst into the complexities of young love, identity, and friendship with breath-taking authenticity and charm.

At its heart is the irresistibly proud and flamboyant Lolo, portrayed with brilliance by Zev Starrett. Lolo’s dream of taking his straight-acting boyfriend, Max (Valentin von Schönburg), to the school party ignites a narrative rich with emotional depth. Max’s hesitance, rooted in his discomfort with Lolo’s expressive nature, sets up a compelling conflict that feels both raw and real.

Lolo’s journey is beautifully supported by his joyful best friends, Toby (Sam Atlas) and Elena (Rhea C. Tober). These characters, bursting with life and energy, navigate their friend’s struggle with an infectious optimism and unwavering loyalty. The chemistry between these young actors is nothing short of magical, showcasing a depth of talent that belies their years.

The film’s playful and heartfelt tone is exquisitely captured by Lenny Flohr’s masterful cinematography. Each shot is a visual delight, painting a vivid portrait of youthful innocence and exuberance. By excluding adults from the narrative, the filmmakers immerse us completely in the world of their young characters, making the exploration of teenage issues in a pre-teen setting all the more impactful.

This film is a joyous celebration of identity and the courage to embrace one’s true self, no matter the judgment. It revels in femininity, individuality, and the transformative power of friendship. The writing is razor-sharp, the direction flawless, and the performances are mind-boggling.

‘Lolo’ is a charming, endearing, and comically delightful film that will leave you smiling. It’s a radiant testament to youthful exuberance and a powerful reminder that the journey to self-acceptance is both beautiful and essential.

Lolo Gay Short Film


Runtime: 14 min
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