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The Den (La tana)

Unveiling hidden desires: A bold exploration of sexuality and power.


Lorenzo Caproni’s daring short film ‘The Den (La tana)’, co-written with Fabio Marson, is a provocative exploration of sexuality, power dynamics, and hidden desires. At the center of this narrative is Christian, played with nuanced subtlety by Daniele Mariani, whose childhood toy, in the form of Luca (Emanuel Caserio), resurfaces during a family holiday with his wife Barbara (Laura Sinceri) and young son. This intriguing setup spirals into a tense, erotically charged exploration of Christian’s innermost secrets.

The film taps into the clandestine lives of many “heterosexual” men who harbor homosexual desires, a theme rarely portrayed with such unflinching honesty. Christian’s motives remain enigmatic: is he a closeted homosexual, bisexual, or merely intoxicated by the power and control these encounters afford him? This ambiguity fuels the film’s gripping tension, making viewers question and reflect on the complexities of sexual identity and desire.

Caproni’s direction, paired with Stefano Mancini’s cinematic brilliance, offers a visual feast. Each frame is meticulously crafted, with high-quality cinematography that accentuates the film’s erotic and psychological undercurrents. The editing is sharp, maintaining a pace that keeps the audience on edge, while the sexual tension is palpable, threading through every scene.

The performances are compelling. Mariani’s role is particularly noteworthy, as he seamlessly embodies Christian with gripping dominance. Sinceri’s portrayal of Barbara adds depth, highlighting the emotional stakes of Christian’s secret life.

Graphic yet essential to the narrative, the film does not shy away from explicit content, using it to underscore the power dynamics at play. Caproni’s short film is a bold, sophisticated dive into the hidden corners of desire and power.

The Den La tana Gay Short Film


Runtime: 15 min
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