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Reality, spirituality and imagination entwine in the Basque Country in this edgy fantasy-driven journey.


‘Aaztiyen’ written and directed by Azulazul and Alfonso Riera, is a Spanish fantasy-themed short film set in the heart of the Basque Country. Pello Reparaz, seemingly playing a fictionalized version of himself, embarks on a profound spiritual journey, encountering enigmatic real-life characters Aritz and Itziar along the way. These encounters, rich with symbolic meaning, blur the lines between reality and vivid imagination, creating an intricate and experimental experience.

The film’s narrative, daring in its avant-garde style, is beautifully underscored by the evocative music of Zetak, seamlessly intertwined with the storyline. Marino Pardo’s exceptional cinematography captures the ethereal beauty of the Basque landscapes, enhancing the surreal quality of Pello’s journey. The production style feels like a docu-drama with a captivating musical twist.

Performances are strikingly authentic. Pello, Aritz, and Itziar deliver engaging portrayals that hold your attention, making the film’s experimental elements all the more engaging. The interwoven narrative demands keen attention; miss a beat, and you might lose your place in the story.

‘Aaztiyen’ offering a sensory journey that melds music, striking visuals, and a deeply personal story. Its bold, experimental nature might challenge some, but for those willing to dive deep, it promises a rich, thought-provoking experience. Delivered in the Basque language, the film is a celebration of the region’s cultural richness and the innovative spirit of its creators.

Aaztiyen Short Film


Runtime: 12 min
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