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A whimsical and heartfelt exploration of grief and nostalgia, blending historical insights with enchanting fantasy.


In Simon Sciacovelli’s fantasy-themed short, ‘Nostalmagia’, the grief and melancholic existence of Susan (Leyla A), a young playwright trying to piece her life together, take center stage. One serendipitous day, she is visited by the physical embodiment of Nostalgia (Mikoda Lancaster), who remarkably appears as her deceased brother. Reluctantly and curiously, Susan embarks on an adventure, gradually understanding the significance of nostalgia. Through Susan’s emotional journey, the viewer, guided by Cassandra More’s narrative voice-over, learns about the historical context of nostalgia dating back to the 17th century.

The film, partially educational but predominantly a magical ride of wonder and curiosity, is peppered with charming VFX that elevate its eccentric yet endearing quality. Sciacovelli’s storytelling is solid, with Jo Mundt’s cinematography being particularly praiseworthy. The visual composition beautifully captures the ethereal and poignant moments of Susan’s journey, enhancing the overall narrative.

The music and editing are seamlessly crafted, adding depth and resonance to the film’s emotional beats. The acting, while of a reasonable standard, effectively conveys the inner turmoil and eventual enlightenment of the characters. Leyla A’s portrayal of Susan is heartfelt and relatable, while Mikoda Lancaster’s Nostalgia brings a whimsical yet profound presence to the screen.

Sciacovelli’s short is a heartfelt exploration of grief and memory, blending historical insights with a fantastical narrative. It’s an eccentric, yet charmingly crafted film that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Nostalmagia Fantasy Short Film


Runtime: 13 min
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