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The Roommate Contract

Ground rules are the cornerstone of a co-habitation journey, weaving humor and heart with delightful charm.


Step right up, romcom enthusiasts, and prepare to be charmed by ‘The Roommate Contract’. This delightful web series, conceived by the brilliant Lydia Muir, blends the perfect concoction of wit, warmth, and whimsy. Set in New York City, the series chronicles the meeting and subsequent decision of two young strangers to become roommates.

From the inaugural episode (‘Rule #1: No Romantic Dates’), where our lovable protagonist Aiysha, brought to life by the talented Korina Deming, stumbles into a housing dilemma that lays the groundwork for the entire narrative, to the debut of the debonair Nathan, portrayed by the captivating Daniel Kim, each scene gleams with entertainment and allure.

Muir’s script is a symphony of humor and heartfelt moments. The chemistry between our leads crackles and sizzles. But it’s not just Muir’s clever writing and direction that make ‘The Roommate Contract’ shine; it’s also the commendable craftsmanship of cinematographers Michael Adeleke and Conor Clarke, whose lens captures every twinkle with stunning clarity.

‘The Roommate Contract’ is a love letter to the romcom genre, filled with enough charm, humor, and heart to entertain and keep you engaged. It’s the perfect pick-me-up for anyone in need of a good laugh and a healthy dose of romance.

Watch the full web series on YouTube.

The Roommate Contract Web Series


Runtime: 10 min
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