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A comedy that blends humor and heart, following the hilarious lengths one man will go to connect with his aging dad.


In ‘Yardbird’, Jeff Alper takes on a triple threat role as writer, director, and star, delivering a funny and endearing film that hits all the right notes. The story revolves around Owen (Alper), a soon-to-be dad on a mission to connect with his aging father, who’s confined to a senior living home. The cantankerous overseer of the home, Doloros, played with sharp wit by Amy Goddard-Smith, throws a wrench in his plans by enforcing a do-not-disturb order. Alper’s Owen, undeterred and desperate, embarks on a series of hilarious escapades to breach the fortress and talk to his father..

The plot thickens with the introduction of Eddie, the home’s gardener, portrayed by Ian Edwards. Eddie, who shares Owen’s paternal woes, becomes an unlikely ally. Their camaraderie, steeped in shared grievances and quirky humor, adds a heartwarming layer to the narrative. Alper’s script is a deft blend of comedy and poignancy, his performance oscillating between comically absurd and touchingly earnest.

Cinematographer Thomas Marchese’s choice to shoot on 16mm film imbues ‘Yardbird’ with a nostalgic cinematic quality. The film’s visual charm is further elevated by Paul Dally’s delightful musical score, which perfectly complements the story’s tone.

‘Yardbird’ stands out not only for its humor but also for its heartfelt moments, making it a thoroughly entertaining watch. Alper’s multifaceted talent shines through, making this short film a testament to his skill both in front of and behind the camera. Bold, witty, and emotionally resonant, ‘Yardbird’ is a cinematic treat that you won’t forget in a hurry. Highly recommended.

Yardbird Comedy Short Film


Runtime: 20 min
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