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In Between the Sound of My HummingBird

A gut-wrenching exploration of the devastating impact of domestic abuse.


In Seun Faleke’s ‘In Between the Sound of My HummingBird’, the echoes of domestic violence reverberate with bone-chilling intensity. Marvellous Ojo embodies Ife, a survivor haunted by her mother’s tragic fate at the hands of her father, in a performance that cuts straight to the soul.

Set in Nigeria, Faleke’s narrative punches you in the gut with its raw honesty. Ife’s journey is a rollercoaster of trauma, resilience, and shattered illusions about love and trust, fueled by her mother’s haunting words. Obayuwana Courage’s cinematography is a silent witness to Ife’s anguish, capturing each moment with a brutal, unflinching gaze. It’s like being trapped in a nightmare, where every frame is etched with the weight of Ife’s pain.

This short isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a visceral experience that leaves you reeling, but amidst the darkness, there’s a flicker of hope. Through Ife’s journey of healing, Faleke shines a light on the urgent need to confront the epidemic of domestic violence head-on.

This Nigerian-Canadian collaboration is a bold and unapologetic call to action, demanding that we bear witness to the untold stories of those who have suffered in silence. It’s a film that challenges us to confront our own complicity and ignite real change in our communities.

In Between the Sound of My HummingBird Short Film


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