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Kino o Eve

A gripping character study into the tumultuous world of personal turmoil and psychological unraveling.


‘Kino O Eve’, directed by the visionary Alina Zakharova, is an evocative short film that ventures into the turbulent world of a young actress, Eve, played with electrifying intensity by Sasha Bystrzhitskaya. Set in Moscow, this 25-minute experimental drama navigates the psychological labyrinth of stress and self-destruction.

Eve’s journey is a whirlwind of chaos and fleeting pleasures, a desperate attempt to escape the mounting pressures of her theatrical ambitions. Bystrzhitskaya’s performance is a revelation, capturing Eve’s flaws and vulnerabilities with raw authenticity. Her affair with the married Artem (Kirill Molchanov), who takes a do-nothing approach to stress, adds a poignant subplot that underscores her reckless pursuit of distraction. In contrast, Miron (Yaroslav Simakov), the demanding director, embodies a relentless and resilient determination, driving Eve further into her spiral.

Zakharova’s writing and direction deserves immense praise, as subtly exploring the multifaceted ways individuals cope with stress. The interplay of these characters and their responses to pressure is uniquely compelling. Yasha Bashta’s cinematography pulls up the film to a higher realm. The visuals are breathtaking, each frame artfully crafted to draw the audience deeper into Eve’s psyche. The high production values are evident in every shot, creating a cinematic experience that is immersive, haunting and entertaining.

‘Kino O Eve’ is a bold, provocative character study, affirmation of Zakharova’s mastery behind the camera. The writing and character development are exceptional, with each character intricately woven into the fabric of the narrative. This short film is not just a viewing experience but a psychological journey. Highly recommended.

Kino O Eve Short Russian Film


Runtime: 25 min
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