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Humanic Disorder

A visually stunning and mind-bending journey through the depths of eternal existence.


‘Humanic Disorder’, directed and co-written by the visionary Harry Liang, is a dive into the psychological depths of a future where immortality is the norm. Scarlett Ma and Katherlin Chen deliver electrifying performances as Qiqi and Qingqing, navigating a labyrinthine narrative co-written with Yilin Liu. This experimental sci-fi marvel captivates with its chaotic yet intricately woven story, ultimately revealing a tapestry of profound insights.

Minghao Fei’s cinematography is nothing short of revolutionary. His bold color palette and innovative techniques transform the screen into a vivid canvas, pulling audiences into a sensory overload of tension and beauty. Each frame is a testament to Fei’s genius, immersing viewers in a world where reality and imagination collide in spectacular fashion.

The film’s narrative is as daring as its visuals. Qiqi, an immortal plagued by anxiety amidst societal collapse, finds herself haunted by a resurrected poet’s voice. This leads her to Qingqing, a dying soul yearning for what Qiqi takes for granted. Their connection transcends time and space, a hauntingly beautiful exploration of desire and existence.

Liang’s partially non-linear storytelling defies convention, creating an experience that is both bewildering and breathtaking. The seemingly chaotic structure challenges viewers, but those who embrace it are rewarded with a narrative that ties together in a moment of pure poetic clarity.

‘Humanic Disorder’ is an audacious triumph, solidifying Harry Liang as a master of experimental cinema. Its blend of complex narrative, stunning visual artistry, and powerful performances makes it an unforgettable cinematic experience. A film that dares to push the boundaries of storytelling and visual expression.



Runtime: 35 min
Language: , ,

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