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Seek and Destroy – My Life at the Biggest Science Project Ever

Meet Aisha. An inspirational scientist.


Markus Mooslechner’s docushort follows the video diaries of Aisha Saba, a research scientist working on a new 100km long particle accelerator (under Lake Geneva) with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). The short is a continuation of the 6-part series titled ‘Collider Diaries’ – following on from ‘Unvarnished Diaries of a CERN Scientist’. This film is also constructed by self-taped video-diaries and interview questions to educate and inform viewers of Aisha’s role in the field as well as her personal life away from work.

The 6-minute short film takes a glimpse into Aisha’s home/work life as we discover her passion for science and her life’s dedication to research. Raised in Islamabad, Pakistan, Aisha talks about the importance education brings to personal freedom, her love of traveling and enthusiasm for space exploration. A moving moment is when she emotional reveals the death of her mother and the courage she holds from her late mothers’ wisdom.

‘Seek and Destroy – My Life at the Biggest Science Project Ever’ is a truly touching documentary that engages throughout. The value of production is purposely low – equating to a video-blog. Aisha Saba’s story is inspirational and heart-warming. We recommend checking out the full ‘Collider Diaries’ collection on the YouTube channel.

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Runtime: 6 min

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