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An exploration of guilt and grief in a post-apocalyptic world.


Darius Delsoin’s short science fiction film, ‘Ashes’, takes a different approach to the alien invasion genre, opting to delve into the psychological turmoil of its protagonist rather than showcasing the spectacle of extra-terrestrial onslaught. Set in the toxic, ash-laden environment of Earth in 2089, the narrative follows Trey (Jose Alberto Alvarez), a man crushed by guilt and grief after failing to protect his sister during the chaos.

Delsoin’s decision to focus on Trey’s internal struggle is both daring and refreshing. Instead of grand battles or monstrous aliens, we are presented with the haunting manifestations of Trey’s guilt, beautifully personified by the hallucinations of his sister (Rise Powell). This intimate portrayal of psychological distress adds a profound emotional depth to the film, setting it apart from typical sci-fi thrillers.

Alvarez’s performance is praiseworthy, capturing the essence of a man losing his sanity. His interactions with co-worker (Brian Collins), who begins to doubt Trey’s mental stability, add a layer of tension that keeps the viewer engaged. The high-quality cinematography complements the narrative, effectively creating a bleak, post-apocalyptic atmosphere that mirrors Trey’s inner turmoil.

While the film’s respectable special effects and high production values are commendable, the real strength lies in its storytelling. Some may find the absence of visible aliens disappointing, but this choice enhances the focus on the psychological impact of the invasion.

‘Ashes’ could benefit from a longer runtime to further explore its intriguing world and deepen character development. Nonetheless, Delsoin delivers an emotionally charged narrative that stands as a compelling drama within the sci-fi genre.

Ashes Sci Fi Short Film


Runtime: 9 min
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