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The Forest Women

A journey through maternal bonds and loss that will leave you contemplative.


Nell Geer’s ‘The Forest Women’ is a hauntingly beautiful exploration of maternal bonds and loss. Set in a bygone era, the film immerses viewers in the lush and enigmatic depths of the forest as we follow the pregnant protagonist, Caroline Digan, on her quest for something elusive. Geer masterfully weaves a poetic narrative that unfolds like a dream, blending stunning visuals with ethereal voice-over narration.

As tragedy strikes and the story transitions to Caroline’s grown-up daughter, Haley Bronzino, the film delves deeper into themes of longing and the search for understanding. Geer’s storytelling has an experimental quality to it, inviting viewers to contemplate the profound connections between a mother and daughter.

Abby Igoe’s cinematography captures the forest’s mystical allure with picturesque beauty. From a sweeping aerial shot to intimate close-ups, each frame is infused with a sense of both wonder and foreboding.

‘The Forest Women’ emanates an eerie atmosphere, amplified by raw performances from the cast, notably Digan’s compelling portrayal. Geer will no doubt elicit visceral emotions from viewers – while delving into themes of love, loss, and the enigmatic. The film beckons viewers to contemplate its mysterious depths, compelling them to grapple with the unsettling questions it poses.

The Forrest Women Short Film


Runtime: 7 min
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