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Kewang: Nature’s Ancient Guardians

Discover the inspiring story of a community’s fight for tradition and survival in the face of climate upheaval.


Embark on a breath-taking journey to the Indonesian Island of Haruku with Indah Rufiatti’s short documentary. ‘Kewang: Nature’s Ancient Guardians’ doesn’t just capture the essence of a remote community; it immerses you in a tale of resilience, tradition, and environmental stewardship that spans centuries.

Featuring Om Eli, a guardian of both land and lore, who unveils the rich tapestry of the Kewang – a committee born in the 1600s to safeguard the island’s natural splendor. Through masterful storytelling and captivating cinematography by Matthew Judge, every frame is a brushstroke of vivid imagery, painting a portrait of a community tethered to the rhythms of farming and fishing.

In the dance between tradition and modernity, the film underscores the urgent need to shield against the ravages of climate change, where fishing isn’t merely an occupation but a way of life fiercely protected by community-enforced regulations. The narrative unfolds seamlessly, weaving together insights from luminaries like Oma Liz and Benny, who lend their voices to this symphony of preservation.

Produced by Blue Ventures, this film isn’t just a feast for the eyes – it’s a vital testament to the indomitable soul of humanity in the face of environmental adversity. With English subtitles guiding the way, the film transcends linguistic barriers to deliver a universal message of hope and responsibility.

In a world grappling with the echoes of climate crisis, ‘Kewang: Nature’s Ancient Guardians’ stands as a beacon of enlightenment – an educational odyssey that truly inspires.

Kewang Nature's Ancient Guardians


Runtime: 20 min

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