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A hilarious twist on the classic whodunit that defies all expectations.


Eden Diebel’s dark comedy, ‘Soop’, is an uproarious journey into the absurd, a twisted tale that keeps you hooked from the very first scene. Set against the backdrop of a murder investigation, the story unfolds with all the charm and wit of a classic whodunit, except there’s a hilariously unconventional twist: it’s not a “whodunit” at all. In fact, the culprit seems glaringly obvious from the outset, but here’s the kicker – the detectives tasked with solving the case are utterly clueless!

As the two detectives, Brandon Burke and Alan Dukes, arrive at the scene of the crime – the home of Jeanette Cronin’s character – the scene is set for a series of outrageous events. While all signs may point to the wife as the prime suspect, these detectives couldn’t care less about following the traditional playbook. Instead, they’re more interested in indulging in life’s pleasures, from hearty homemade soup to impromptu strip-poker sessions.

Joined by Gareth Davies’s eccentric crime scene painter, the trio embarks on a whirlwind of comedic escapades that defy all expectations. Cronin’s portrayal of the wife is sensational, her larger-than-life antics providing the perfect foil for the deadpan humor of Burke and Dukes. But it’s not just the stellar performances that make this film shine – it’s Diebel’s razor-sharp writing and impeccable comedic timing that elevate it to greatness.

From the meticulously crafted production design to Boris Vymenets’s cinematic cinematography, every aspect of this film exudes quality and craftsmanship. It’s a masterclass in Australian comedy, a cinematic experience that leaves you gasping for breath from laughter. In a world filled with cookie-cutter films, ‘Soop’ stands out as a shining example of originality and creativity. Five stars simply don’t do it justice.

Soop Dark Comedy


Runtime: 11 min
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