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A riveting tale of survival with sensational cinematics.


Elijah J. Austin’s cinematic-style short, ‘Plight’, weaves themes of determination, resilience, and survival into a gripping narrative. In this tale, a devoted family man, portrayed by Jordan Taylor Roach, battles the brutal cold and treacherous wilderness to secure food and supplies for his wife and child. Bereft of his horse, he braves the elements on foot, showcasing an unyielding spirit.

Set in a bygone era, Austin’s film transports viewers far from the comforts of the modern age, immersing us in a world where survival is a daily battle. The protagonist’s journey is fraught with peril, not only from the merciless weather and rugged terrain but also from two men who threaten his very life. This confrontation heightens the tension, drawing the audience into a visceral experience of fear and determination.

The film’s twist ending delivers a powerful emotional punch, compelling viewers to reflect on the lengths we go to provide and care for our loved ones. It’s a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made to ensure a comfortable life for those we cherish.

Jordan Kelley’s spectacular cinematography elevates the film to extraordinary heights. With limited dialogue, the visuals take center stage, showcasing breathtaking, picturesque wilderness that captivates the eye and soul. Each frame is a testament to Kelley’s talent, painting the harsh yet beautiful world in vivid detail.

Austin’s storytelling is tight and evocative, with Roach delivering a standout performance that anchors the film. This short film is a triumph of visual storytelling and emotional depth, earning a well-deserved five stars.

Plight Short Film


Runtime: 6 min

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