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Time to Settle This

A tale of friendship tension and betrayal, woven through the playful twists of gameplay.


Ben Bartlett‘s student short film presents a refreshing dive into the complexities of friendship and betrayal. Centered around the friction between Alex (Matt Ho) and Morgan (Zoe Benjamin), the film captures a seemingly simple game of “catch the flag,” orchestrated by their mutual friend Sloan (Kyle Biggerstaff). Yet, beneath the playful surface, lies a riveting narrative twist that leaves viewers contemplating the true cost of victory.

Despite its humble origins, the film carries respectable craftsmanship throughout. Jayana Fennell’s cinematography stands out, capturing quality visuals with a keen eye for detail. The young cast delivers admirable performances, bringing authenticity and depth to their roles. Matt Ho and Zoe Benjamin’s chemistry is palpable, driving the story forward with genuine emotion and intensity.

While billed as a comedy, the film leans more heavily into drama, a pivot that works in its favor by adding layers of complexity. The narrative, though it could be sharper, is engaging and keeps the audience invested until the very end. The theme of betrayal, subtly woven throughout, is brought to the forefront in the film’s climactic twist, leaving a lasting impression.

Bartlett’s direction shows great promise, demonstrating a knack for capturing the nuances of human relationships. This short film, though modest in budget, is rich in creativity and effort, making it a respectable addition to student cinema. A tale of friendship and betrayal, it invites viewers to reflect on what it truly means to win.

Time to Settle This Short Film


Runtime: 7 min
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