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People & Wolves

A moving plea to end wolf hunting, revealing the spiritual bond between the Ojibwe people and the wolves.


Rachel Tilseth‘s documentary is a moving tribute to the deep bond between the Ojibwe people and the wolves of Wisconsin. From the opening scene, viewers are drawn into the heart of this relationship through an evocative interview with Edith Leoso, the Bad River Cultural Preservation Officer of the Ojibwe Tribe of Lake Superior. Leoso’s words resonate deeply, revealing a spiritual connection that is as profound as it is heartbreaking, making it impossible not to empathize with the plight of the wolves and the Ojibwe people alike.

The film’s narrative is bolstered by the contributions of experts like Ecologist Specialist Michael Waasegiizhig Price from the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission, whose insights add depth and credibility to the argument against wolf hunting. The appearance of Dame Jane Goodall, a renowned champion of conservation and animal welfare, further elevates the documentary, underscoring the global significance of the issue.

Technically, the film is professionally mastered, with stunning cinematography by Tyler Grape that captures the majestic presence of the wolves, combined with the well-framed interview segments. The high quality editing and sound design create a pleasing viewing experience that is both educational and emotionally stirring.

Tilseth’s documentary is a bold statement with a powerful message. It is educational, insightful, and deeply poignant, shedding light on the cultural and spiritual impacts of wolf hunting on an indigenous community. By the end, you will know more than you ever imagined about the Ojibwe culture and the dire consequences of wolf hunting. This is a must-watch that superbly combines expert interviews, quality visuals, and a heartfelt narrative. Highly recommended.

People & Wolves Short Documentary


Runtime: 33 min


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