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A chilling tale with a biblical undertone, exploring the true cost of miracles.


In ‘Cabbage’, directed by Destinee McCaster and penned by Vincent J. Walker, we are transported to the heart of rural America, perhaps in the dawn of 19th century or earlier. This chilling short explores the harrowing journey of Abraham (David Hunter Jr) and Mabel (Shola Fagbamila), a couple whose lives are marred by a drought-stricken cabbage farm and the devastating loss of a miscarriage. The arrival of a mysterious and unsettling man (Albert Linton) at their doorstep offers them a chance to fulfill their deepest desires – but at a sinister cost.

Hunter Jr.’s performance as Abraham is truly captivating, capturing the essence of a man torn between hope and dread. Fagbamila’s portrayal of Mabel is equally compelling, her grief palpable and haunting. As the rain finally begins to fall and a child enters their lives, Abraham’s initial joy slowly morphs into a chilling realization that their newfound blessings may come with a dark price. The film’s tension escalates masterfully, with each twist and turn amplifying the sense of impending doom.

Stephen Magiera’s cinematography beautifully captures the bleak yet hauntingly beautiful landscape that frames the story. The production and costume design immerse viewers in the period, while the meticulously crafted music and sound design elevate the film’s eerie atmosphere. The film’s strong biblical undertones and sinister ambience keep you hooked, intrigued, and gripped with fear.

‘Cabbage’ makes you question the true cost of miracles. With its powerful performances and a narrative that keeps you on the edge of your seat, this film is a must-watch for horror aficionados. It’s a tale where miracles and tragedies intertwine, leaving you pondering: would you seize such an opportunity?



Runtime: 12 min
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