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A harrowing journey from darkness to light, confronting the horrors of sex trafficking.


‘Socks’ is a cinematic gut punch, a raw and unapologetic exploration of one woman’s journey through the depths of sex trafficking into the light of resilience. Directed by Ashley Aquilla and brought to life by the powerful performance of Laprise Johnson as Belinda, this short film is storytelling in its purest form. Penned & produced by Mary E. Weems, ‘Sock’s proves that a limited budget is no match for the sheer force of storytelling skill.

Laprise Johnson’s portrayal of Belinda is a revelation, a captivating performance that peels back the layers of trauma with unflinching honesty. Within the confines of a humble apartment, Belinda’s monologue echoes with the weight of her past, a past marked by unspeakable horrors inflicted by sex traffickers who sought to strip her of her dignity.

Lonnie El’s cinematography is a silent witness to Belinda’s journey, capturing the shadows that lurk in every corner and the flickers of hope that refuse to be extinguished. Through Belinda’s story, we are confronted with the stark reality of sex trafficking, forced to confront the uncomfortable truths that society too often chooses to ignore.

But amidst the darkness, ‘Socks’ offers a beacon of light in Belinda’s unwavering resilience. Through the support of her mother and the camaraderie of fellow survivors, Belinda finds the strength to reclaim her voice and demand justice for herself and others like her.

In a world rife with the insidious grip of sex trafficking, ‘Socks’ is a sledgehammer blow to complacency. Belinda’s story is not merely a tale of survival; it’s a battle cry for justice, a defiant proclamation that the voices of the oppressed will not be silenced. Highly recommended.

Socks Short Film


Runtime: 32 min


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