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Liquid Soul

An unsettling descent into a harrowing abyss of guilt and grief.


‘Liquid Soul’, directed by Charlotte Vacková and penned by Enni Red, is a Scottish short that dives deep into the turbulent waters of a mother’s guilt and grief. This experimental horror stands out for its bold narrative and daring artistic vision, brilliantly led by Fionnuala Featherstone in the role of Violet.

In this intense portrayal, Violet wakes in a stark, desolate room following her own tragic suicide at sea – a desperate attempt to escape the overwhelming guilt of her daughter’s accidental death. The room becomes a metaphysical prison where Violet is confronted by her past actions and their irreversible consequences. Featherstone’s performance is heart-wrenchingly authentic, navigating through her character’s complex emotional landscape with both subtlety and profound intensity.

The film’s narrative structure is uniquely experimental, using symbolic elements and sparse settings to amplify the claustrophobic feel of Violet’s mental and emotional entrapment. The cinematography by Petra Cozianu is particularly noteworthy, with compositions that meticulously frame the narrative’s tense, anxious undertones, enhancing the overall sense of isolation and despair.

Co-star Catriona MacAllister gives a commendable potrayal as Alice, Violet’s daughter, whose presence in the film, though brief, is pivotal. The production design is outstanding, contributing significantly to the film’s eerie mood.

‘Liquid Soul’ may challenge viewers with its edgy and experimental approach, including brief scenes of nudity that serve to underscore the raw, unfiltered essence of its themes. However, it is precisely these bold choices that make the film an evocative exploration of suffering and redemption.

The film is a profound watch, asking its audience to ponder deep, uncomfortable questions about grief, guilt, and the possibility of forgiveness. It’s a striking piece of film that will resonate for a while, especially for those who appreciate cinema that dares to push boundaries.

Liquid Soul Short Experimental Horror


Runtime: 10 min

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