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A gripping saga of relationship betrayal and retaliation.


In Marcin Kołodziejczak‘s short thriller, ‘Akabei’, Weronika Majcher delivers an electric portrayal of a woman trapped in a suffocating relationship, anchored by Karol Mielcarek’s unsettling performance as her neglectful partner. The film, framed by Karolina Kołodziejczak’s skilled cinematography, navigates the murky waters of abuse and betrayal, weaving a narrative that is as haunting as it is thought-provoking.

At its heart, the story revolves around the protagonist’s journey from victimhood to vengeance, spurred by the discovery of her partner’s infidelity. Kołodziejczak employs symbolism, notably through the recurring motif of the woman in red – a potent visual cue that serves as both a warning and a catalyst for the protagonist’s descent into darkness.

A standout moments occurs during a tense car ride, where the couple’s strained dynamic is punctuated by the appearance of the enigmatic woman in red (Jagoda Matyjaszek). It’s a scene that lingers in the mind, a stark reminder of the protagonist’s escalating turmoil and the inevitability of her impending reckoning.

Despite its modest budget, the production values are remarkably high, with Kołodziejczak demonstrating a keen eye for detail in every frame. The performances, particularly Majcher’s nuanced portrayal of emotional turmoil, are exceptional, drawing the audience deeper into the protagonist’s harrowing reality.

‘Akabei’ is a subtle yet potent exploration of abuse, betrayal, and the enduring human capacity for vengeance. With its evocative imagery, tense atmosphere, and acting delivery, this Polish short is an example of the importance of independent filmmaking. English subtitles ensure accessibility for international audiences, making it a must-watch for fans of dark relationships thrillers.

Akabei Short Polish Film


Runtime: 11 min
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