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Klara’s Box

A pulse-pounding crime drama that delves into grief and betrayal.


ZhuZha Akova’s short thriller draws viewers into the gritty heart of downtown Los Angeles, laying the groundwork for a tense narrative of crime and betrayal. The film opens with a striking aerial view of the cityscape, reflecting the turmoil of Klara, the dishevelled protagonist brilliantly portrayed by Akova, who finds herself living in her car following her father’s mysterious demise.

When family friend Vasyly, played with a hint of menace by Igor Grbesic, offers Klara a chance to earn quick money by delivering a cryptic package, she unwittingly steps into a dangerous game. Along the way, she encounters Jack, brought to life with enigmatic intensity by Adam Fried, adding layers of suspense and intrigue to the story.

Though the plot may tread familiar ground, the film’s strength lies in its compelling performances and masterful direction. Akova’s portrayal of Klara is particularly riveting, complemented by Matt Fore’s impeccable cinematography, which captures the city’s gritty allure with stunning arial cinematography.

Enhanced by a gripping sound design and a musical score that heightens the tension, the film immerses viewers in the atmosphere of a high-stakes crime drama. Despite its predictable elements, the high production values and strong performances keep audiences captivated throughout.

Akova’s thriller may not break new ground in terms of story, but its gripping execution and powerful performances make it a compelling watch. Akova proves herself not only as a talented actress but also as a promising director, delivering a suspenseful tale that hooks you through to the dramatic climax.

Klara's Box Short Film


Runtime: 15 min
Genre: ,

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