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How’s Man Made

An intimate dive into the intricate bond between a father and his daughter.


‘How’s Man Made’ takes a poignant dive into the complexities of parenthood. Written and directed by Varnie, this intimate drama delves into the turbulent relationship between a father and his teenage daughter, navigating the tumultuous waters of an unexpected pregnancy. Samuel Salary’s portrayal of Coltrane is mesmerizing, capturing the raw emotions of a single parent grappling with fear, responsibility, and ultimately, acceptance.

Kierra Glenn’s role as 16-year-old Georgia is equally compelling, embodying the vulnerability and strength of youth in the face of adversity. Adetinpo Thomas adds an intriguing angle to the narrative as Georgia’s estranged mother, offering much needed advice to a conflicted Coltrane.

The film’s high production values, coupled with Michael Noir’s skilful cinematography, elevate the film’s technicality, immersing the audience in the characters’ anxious world. The chemistry between Salary and Glenn is palpable, their nuanced performances breathing life into the beautifully crafted dialogue.

Essentially, ‘How’s Man Made’ is a heartfelt exploration of parental responsibility, the journey of letting go, and the lingering guilt of past mistakes. Varnie‘s delicate touch shines through in every frame, delivering a poignant and moving kitchen-sink drama that lingers in the mind after viewing.

How's Man Made Short Drama Film




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