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Interview With Marilyn

The American Dream/Nightmare.


Agatino Zurria’s 15-minute drama, ‘Interview with Marilyn’ explores the American Dream through our primarily protagonist, Marilyn Moreno – an aspiring actress who struggles to find her feet in Hollywood. Rosalinda Rodriguez portrays Marilyn – a Marilyn Munroe look-a-like who lives in her own fantasy world. The short film focuses on an interrogating TV interview with Deborah Domartin (Mirella Kilmon), whose line of questioning turns to the disappearance of Marilyn’s director.

Filmed almost completely in black and white, the short is a love letter, through fantasy, to classic Americana and the Hollywood system. Marilyn’s director, played by Miguel García, is a feisty (if not arrogant) filmmaker who’s clearly out of his depth in the industry. The uncertainty over the production weakens Marilyn’s carQeer ambitions. The short concludes with a twist to the narrative.

Zurria’s short delivers in its creative ambitions. The thriller takes viewers through the glamourous Hollywood system, flaws and all. Rosalinda Rodriguez carries the film throughout – her bilingual portrayal of the Latino immigrant actress deserves applause and provides for entertaining viewing. Writer/director Agatino Zurria’s succeeds in delivering a unique narrative with compelling performances, stunning cinematography and a flowing soundtrack. ‘Interview with Marilyn’ is a short film not to be overlooked.

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