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An evocative journey into a young woman’s looming catastrophe.


Harriet Adams’ experimental short presents a captivating yet enigmatic exploration of the human psyche through the lens of a young woman bathing. The absence of dialogue heightens the visual storytelling, drawing viewers into a world filled with impending dread and uncertainty. Sarah Nicholls delivers a respectable performance, conveying a palpable sense of anticipation and suspense without uttering a single word.

The use of sound, particularly the draining path sound, effectively sets a dark and eerie tone, hinting at impending doom lurking just beyond the surface. Adams nicely employs lighting and cinematography techniques, including intense close-ups and post-production effects, to create a visually and thematically rich tale.

While the technical aspects of the film shine brightly, the narrative may prove elusive to some. The loose storyline leaves much to interpretation, requiring audiences to piece together the fragments of the protagonist’s inner turmoil and existential dread. Despite this narrative ambiguity, the film succeeds in immersing viewers in the young woman’s turbulent emotional landscape, where beneath the surface of mundane activities lies a world of carnage, fear, and anxiety.

‘Run’ offers a compelling exploration of psychological unease, bolstered by strong performances and striking visual elements. Though the narrative may be challenging to grasp, the film’s technicality make it a worthwhile viewing experience.

Run Short Experimental Film


Runtime: 2 min

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