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The True Meaning of an Architect

A fascinating documentary that uncovers the historic meaning of being an architect.


Created by David Supple, ‘The True Meaning of an Architect’ is a short documentary that, as the title suggests, exposes the real meaning of an architect. David Supple, Founder/CEO of New England Design & Construction, passionately educates viewers about the history of the craft – exploring the definition and the deliberate modification of the occupation fueled by social hierarchy. The video is comprised of stock-footage, intertwined with Supple’s sermon, to aid the overall storytelling. An intriguing watch that highlights societal change.

Throughout the 10-minute film, David Supple unveils the roadmap to his profession – initially inspired by his high school art teacher. After theory-based college education, resulting in a degree in architecture, Supple was left incompetent with the trades practicalities. In an effort to understand his plight, Supple examined the history of the word “architect” itself – which translates as “chief builder” – uncovering the concealed change to the craft through the generations.

David Supple delvers all-absorbing viewing that will captivate and fascinate many – not just those within the profession. His research is well orated and the video itself is aptly produced – engagement is certain to be maintained. Supple’s passion and knowledge is undisputedly, deserving high acclaim and praise for his campaign to reinstall the authentic meaning of what an architect is. Highly recommended.

The True Meaning of an Architect Short Film


Runtime: 10 min

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