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A poignant tale that will resonate with scores of African Americans.


Written and directed by Terry Gingles Jr, ‘#BTSD’ is a short drama film that delves into the personal struggles of an African American man, amidst racially motivated brutally in American society. Eugene Byrd leads the cast as Glenn, with Tracie Thoms as Lia. The narrative explores the protagonist’s burgeoning anxiety after being pulled over by the police and the trauma enduced aftermath. A poignant tale of trepidation and virtuousness that you won’t forget in a hurry.

The 10-minute film opens with an insight into Glenn and Lia’s doting relationship – with the opening scene showcasing a typical relationship squabble, albeit with a humorous underbelly. When Glen is sent out, by Lia, to buy popcorn for their movie night, he is tailgated and subsequently pulled over by a police car. With bated breath and angst, Glenn comes face to face with his own psychological anxiety – fueled with fear, uncertainty and media-based assumptions.

Under Terry Gingles Jnr’s stellar direction, with outstanding cinematography by Wyatt D. House, the drama is fraught with awe-inspiring craftsmanship. Eugene Byrd’s performance as Glenn deserves high praise and acclaim – a portrayal that will resonate with innumerable African-Americans. Tracie Thoms delivers an equally commendable performance. Sound, lighting, post-production and music are of a cinematic standard that promises to keep viewers engaged and on tenterhooks. An unmissable watch. Highly recommended.

#BTSD short film


Runtime: 10 min

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