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Fuck the Lake

A darkly comedic voyage into guilt and irony, where laughter meets despair on the choppy waters of human folly


Sean Cruser‘s short film, ‘Fuck the Lake’, a dark comedy teetering on the brink of tragic irony and schadenfreude, delves into the disturbed psyche of Jack, played with a quirky and unsettling brilliance by Murphy Martin. The film unfolds as Jack, amidst a vacation with family and friends, accidentally hits a swimmer with his boat, spiraling into a vortex of guilt and shame compounded by the weight of his extramarital affair.

At 28 minutes, the film flirts with overstaying its welcome, meandering slightly longer than necessary through its narrative arc. Despite this, the strength of its character development and the compelling performance of the cast more than compensate for any perceived narrative excess. The actors deliver their roles with a finesse that resonates with authenticity, drawing the audience deeper into the film’s emotionally charged yet darkly comedic world.

John Jurko II’s cinematography deserves special mention, with each frame meticulously crafted, contributing significantly to the film’s impressive quality. The visual storytelling is top-notch, enhancing the narrative’s dark themes with a layer of aesthetic polish that is both beautiful and haunting.

While the film navigates the dark corridors of human folly, its tone remains uniquely light-hearted, thanks in large part to Martin’s performance. This juxtaposition creates a disconcerting yet fascinating study of a man in despair, making the film not so much a source of laughter but a reflection on the complexities of schadenfreude.

Cruser’s direction and screenplay weave these elements together into a coherent and impactful short. Coupled with a fitting musical score, the film stands as a testament to the nuanced exploration of its themes. It’s a darkly comic, thought-provoking piece that, despite its slight tendency to linger, remains a compelling examination of guilt, consequence, and the human condition.

Fuck the Lake Short Comedy Film


Runtime: 28 min
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