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Wendy & Vee

An eccentric comedy about abuse, female empowerment and revenge.


Written and directed by Jean-Baptiste Canac, ‘Wendy & Vee’ is a short comedy film that explores the absurd psychology of the central protagonist. Jacy Lewis leads the cast as Wendy, who on the surface presents an appealing purity that hilariously unravels as the narrative plays out. Freya Callaghan co-stars as Wendy’s daughter Vee. In spite of the film’s comical tone, the short is braided with a sinister and psychopathic underbelly. A tremendously entertain watch.

The 20-minute film opens with an introduction to Wendy and her daughter Vee. The set up alludes to Wendy’s endurance with abuse from her boyfriend – much to her unconcern. Without spoiling the proceeding narrative, where viewers can expect shock after shock, a perilous altercation breaks out that unveils Wendy’s vengeful state-of-mind.

Jean-Baptiste Canac has crafted a stellar comedy/horror that is certain to enthrall, astonish and amuse. Steve Toulmin’s quirky musical soundtrack acts as the heartbeat of the entire film – aiding the tone flawlessly. Jacy Lewis’ performance as the eccentric protagonist deserves high praise and acclaim – a thoroughly entertaining portrayal. A noteworthy performance by rising starlet Freya Callaghan – a promising talent to keep an eye on.

Alongside a near-perfect narrative, the film is a technical triumph with an alluring cinematic production value. The cinematography (Andrew Conder) and sound design (Thom Kellar) is of a first-class standard that will keep the audience enchanted. A stellar comedy well worth the 20-minute watch. Highly recommended.

Wendy Vee Short Film


Runtime: 20 min
Genre: ,

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