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The Diagnosis

A low-budget horror that peels back the layers between reality and terror.


‘The Diagnosis’ centres around the thin line between reality and hallucination, anchored by the stellar performances of Ashley Poskarbiewicz and Noah Jankowski. Sam Roach’s short horror thrusts viewers into the unsettling confines of a medical appointment gone awry, where Mia, portrayed with vulnerability by Poskarbiewicz, grapples with the harrowing intersection of her mind’s labyrinth and stark reality. Jankowski’s portrayal of Mia’s enigmatic doctor adds layers of palpable tension, his sinister undertones keeping audiences perpetually on edge.

Despite grappling with minor technical hiccups in sound, the film’s tight narrative grip and respectable cinematography create an riveting experience within the confines of a single room. Roach delves into Mia’s psychological depths, though a longer runtime could have afforded further exploration into her backstory and narrative twists.

The short possesses a chilling, eerie quality that lingers, owed in large part to the compelling performances driving its core. While the low-budget production occasionally falters in sound clarity, the undeniable talent of the young cast elevates the film to a respectable standard. ‘The Diagnosis’ is a commendable low-budget endeavor, showcasing the potency of storytelling even within constrained settings, leaving audiences captivated and unnerved in equal measure.

The Diagnosis Short FIlm


Runtime: 3 min
Genre: ,

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