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Triggered, a Cinematic Superhero Fan Film

A riveting superhero-themed fan film.


Directed by Mario Ricardo Rodriguez and Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm, from a screenplay by Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm, ‘Triggered, a Cinematic Superhero Fan Film’ is a short fantasy film that explores the captivity of five comic book superheroes – Wolverine, Blade, Rogue, Captain Marvel and Bishop – as they attempt to free themselves from the authority of The Director (Steven James Tingus) – an outlandish megalomaniac with a desire to disable their supernatural abilities. The film is one of Steven James Tingus’ final performances – the actor passed away in December 2022.

The 21-minute film, which glows with high-end production and costume design, opens with a stirring monologue from the central antagonist – The Director. With an objective to limit the power of all superheroes, in order to eliminate vulnerability within civilian society, he attempts to reprogram their physicality – but is soon faced with paramount retaliation.

Marvelities and DC-comic fans are certain to be engrossed in the compelling narrative and spectacular technicality. Mario and Marcus have crafted an elaborate fan film that will tickle the fancy of many superhero buffs – largely down to the detailed production design, characterization and cast performances. Sound, lighting and post-production are produced to a high quality that will keep the audience engaged and entertained. ‘Triggered’ has strong potential for continuing chapters. Highly recommended.

Triggered Short Film


Runtime: 21 min
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