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A fascinating mystery that probes a young man’s spirituality.


Written and directed by Jesse Welch, ‘Spirit’ is a short sci-fi mystery that delves into the afterlife and human spirituality. Alex Campanozzi leads the cast as David, a young man who finds himself in the grips of bewilderment as he experiences alternative philosophical realties. Additional cast include; Elisha Herbert as Sara, Joseph Perez as Dr. Deter, and AJ Pineau as Wayne. The audience will be immersed in the mystifying narrative as the protagonist voyages through a journey of self-exploration and self-preservation.

The 13-minute film opens with David’s transportation to an unfamiliar landscape – with picturesque white sand and a sunlit blue sky. The scenic environment fails to settle his discombobulation, which only intensifies as he touches personal inanimate objects – shifting his physicality to different affairs from his past. Without spoiling the unfolding narrative, David is forced to evaluate and modify his mental psyche in order to make headway.

Jesse Welch has crafted a fascinating piece of filmmaking with a compelling, albeit brain-twisting narrative. Technically, the film is well shot with spectacular cinematography, sound and post-production. The entire cast deliver exceptional performances – most notably from Alex Campanozzi – a fine young actor to keep an eye on. ‘Spirit’ is an enthralling watch from the offset, with an arresting climax that will leave a profound after-thought with the viewing audience. Highly recommended.

Spirit Short Film


Runtime: 13 min
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